It is me - Maciek Kolodziejski.

I am originally from Poland where I spent my formative years studying law and administration at Lodz University. After brief encounter in this field I have realised that it was not for me , so I went for a journey to peruse my dream .

My love affair with London began at first sight, captivated by its architecture and the endless variety it unfolds. Despite two decades in this dynamic city, I continue to uncover its hidden spaces and unique charm.

My journey to becoming an interior photographer took an eclectic path. From being a sandwich man, sushi delivery driver and assisting customers at Jessops, my diverse experiences enriched my perspective. Only after I decided to dedicate my whole carrier to photography and meeting great photographers like Stuart Weston, Rankin, Mario Testino, Nick Knight, and Jose Lasheras I finally was on the right path. First few years I was working assisting photographers and at photographic studios. This gave my an insides of fashion and product photography. It was a great journey which finally helped my to find my own path which I follow for the past decade, I've dedicated myself entirely to the art of interior photography.

Join me on a visual journey. I'm here to collaborate with any property related professionals and bring a unique perspective to your projects.